Shelley 1
Shelley detail
Shelley detail 2
Chartists detail
Chartists detail 2
Spirit of Barrow
Spirit of Barrow
Willie Horne
Royal Welsh Show
Surfer O'Neil Headquarters, Amsterdam
Surfer, O'Neil Headquarters, Amsterdam
Shark, The Deep, Hull
Bacardi Bat, Bacardi Visitor Centre, Puerto Rico
Bacardi Bat
hristopher Kelly Sculpture

Over the past thirty years Christopher Kelly has produced Significant public sculptures in key town centre locations. These works are unique and striking. They act as symbolic landmarks and as physical and psychological gateways to the localities in which they are situated. Christopher ensures that the work is appropriate to the community in which it is placed. "I want the people who will see it on a daily basis to feel a sense of ownershiop towards it"

hrist     pher Kelly Sculpture